Full Stack Web Application Development with the Haystack Group

Project PI: David Karger

Research areas: Human Computer Interaction
The Haystack group works on a broad variety of projects aimed at helping regular people manage the deluge of information that floods us every day. Some of our tools help manage complex structured information, others to organize messy discussions on forums and social media. We open source and deploy all our tools to the public, and some have tens of thousands of users. Among them are:
• Mavo, which lets non-programmers create their own fully-functional web applications just by editing a web page
• Wikum, which lets groups work together to summarize massive online discussions
• Squadbox, which helps protect people from online harassment 
• YouPS, which lets people automate a lot of the tedious work managing their email
• NB, which lets students discuss course texts and notes in the margins
• ScrAPIr, which helps non-programmers download and use data from web APIs
• KnowNews, a social news-sharing platform that helps people recognize and refute misinformation
We have many project available for students with good web development skills. Almost all our development is done in Javascript, and training in user interface design such as provided by 6170 is a significant plus. But any student with strong programming skills can pick up the necessary skills on the fly and make significant contributions.
If interested, please start by looking over the projects at http://haystack.csail.mit.edu/ and get a sense of which would be most interesting to you. Then send a resume and transcript karger@mit.edu. If you have developed any significant web applications please provide links to those as well.

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